Boost your Budgeting

Budgeting is a great way to save money, but there are other things you can do to increase your wealth even further.

If your budgeting plan is going well, your spending habits are in check and you are starting to notice an improvement in your financial situation why not take your excitement and enthusiasm and apply it to some more money saving tips.

Finding a little extra cash, will enhance your budgeting plan and kick start your savings account.

You’ve got the power

The growth in the population is putting extreme pressure on the electricity grid forcing prices to rise. Some electricity providers have noticed this trend and jumped at the opportunity to win more customers by offering fantastic rates for electricity.

Have you reviewed you electricity provider lately? There are plenty of wonderful comparison sites which will show you how much you can save based on your current consumption and who you can save it with.  Visit and

The incredible bulk

Café’s and bistro’s offering lunch specials can usually offer a good meal for $10, but $10 a day times five days a week times 48 working weeks in a year adds up to $2400. Make soup, stew, pie, quiche and casseroles to freeze and take to work for lunch. This will account for significant savings and you will definitely notice the relief in your budgeting plan.

Grab one coupon

Coupons have always been big in America, but have never really taken off over here, until now. Sites like Groupon, Grabone and offer daily services and products and heavily reduced prices. Sites like these allow us to keep up with our little luxuries like eating out, manicures and hair styling without spending the world. Be sure to contact the business immediately after you purchase your coupon to secure your appointment. Some businesses don’t have the capacity to honour the amount of coupons sold.

Go to market

If you are crafty and creative, make your hobby on a mass scale and sell your wares at the local market. Otherwise, collect the items gathering dust, spring clean your cupboard and unwrap those unwanted presents. Set up an account on Ebay and sell, sell, sell.  The old saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ rings true, especially on the internet. While you are there selling your old stuff, have a look at some things you need. Ebay is a great place to pick up second-hand, good quality things, especially for babies and young kids who grow out of clothes in two weeks.

Your budgeting plan should also reveal some areas in your spending where you could afford to cut back. You should make every effort to be frugal with your money and stick to your budgeting plan as closely as you can.

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